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Jan 23, 2006
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[color]Hi Evryboy,

I thought I woul mak a rviw pag for ach foo so thn popl can ra through ach rviw an can thn ci which is bst for thm.

n this thra plas only writ a rviw on what you think of th foo th topic is about an thn out of fiv stars ***** giv it th numbr you think it shoul gt. (5 stars bst)

Your rviw shoul look lik this....

"I think.... <writ your rviw>

*** (3 stars)"

If you woul lik to iscuss this particular foo or ask any qustions, plas start a nw thra or fin th approriat thra to post in.

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I think this is an AMAZING food - the best ever. The piggies love it and it has everything they need in it for pellets. All my piggies adore it and It is a timothy-hay based food so that also shows how highly reccomended it is.

I highly reccommend it to anyone, it is very popular and it is 100% safe.

5 stars - *****
This is a great food for adult pigs and they like it too. Protein levels are right as well as Ca:Ph which is great. Only one pig out of 25+ has really held out over this one, this boy loves his mix and has lost weight since the change but is coming round to the idea as long as he gets a few straights mixed in ;)

Available from mention Reading Guinea Pig Rescue and the guineas receive a donation :-*
***** (5)
I think that this is wonderful food and has all the nutrience a pig could ever need out of pellets in it. Also love that its timothy based.

I give this food ***** (5 stars)
I know everyone has said this is good. And it is when you look at whats in it. BUT my piggies thinks it is litter and wees in it.

so I will give it 5 stars but

Oxbow Cavy Cuisine is the perfect food for pigs over 6 months At the minute my pigs prefer Science Selective since I'm still doing the changeover. One of the best things is they eat fewer pellets because thy are so much higher quality and contains so many more natural nutrients than the majority of other feeds that it just does everything pellets need to do for them. So the cost works out the same or less than other pellets.

As I live in NI it costs £20 for a 4kg bag (shipping is nearly £9 alone) but I've not even used one kilo after 2 weeks (I barely use any BSGE or SS anymore).

5 stars from me
my boys Ro and Fon love this stuff as does my little girl Maude. However Moppy and Mongoose, never eat theirs so I don't even give it to them anymore. But based on the speed in which Ro and Fon eat theirs I give it 4 stars


just edited to say i read somewhere else online that some people have trouble getting hold of this and just wanted to say if you live in cambridgeshire, Wood Green Animal Shelters sells it in their shop
All the piggies at ARC have cavy cuisine to eat, it is one of the easier piggie foods I have used to get any new arrivals of their old mix foods. I give ***** for this food along with the piggies
Interesting to read this as I am planning on trying this range. I'll take a look at the site recc.

I still have a bag as my boys didn't think much of it ;D

So if you would like me to send you some so as you can try it without buying a whole bag, just let me know :)
CC gets a big ***** from me ;) 5 of my resident pigs are on this and they look absolutly fantastic on it. Unfortunatly with the large numbers of pigs I have here (and the fact its not readily available locally) I cant afford to feed it to all of them. I am in the process of moving 2 more of the residents onto it and they are picking out the CC and leaving their normal pellets ;D
A big 5****** from 11 Gorgeous Guineas who have all been happily eating it for over a year now. I changed over after one of my babies had a bladder stone (or two) last year. No waste either as they can't pick out their favourite bits >:D

I must say that this is the very best food you can buy, my piggies love it and there's no waste!
Been using this for a year now. The pigs love it - I introduced it by mixing with Supa Excel and they picked all the Cavy Cuisine out! They eat the lot. The only downside is the price.

But 5* from me for its nutritional value and popularity!
It is a shame that I can't buy it in any of our local shops. I would have to order it through the post, and as someone said previously, you then have to add the postage. My GPs are under 6 months and are currently on Science Selective and Tesco purple bag but it would be good to change them to CC after 6 months.
***** 5 stars from me.

It's really good for them AND they love it! (If only I could find yummy comfort food that was so healthy!)
I am thinking of getting two GPS and want to know how much would I feed them of this a day. Would I still need to give vitamin C as well.
After a few days of hating the switch, my boys both love this food! Not only that, but their Mummy loves it too as it's very healthy and has everything a pigglywink needs!
I give this product 5 stars because my little guinea girls love it and it healthy for them! :)
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