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Cleaning - Urgh! :(

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Jan 23, 2006
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As I am only working part-time at the moment, I told my boyfriend I would clean the house and do everything which till now I haven't done. lol Just washed up all plates, cups e.t.c. Its a complete tip here! lol. If I can get my camera working I will take a picture of it all when its done and you will see where the guinea pigs at my boyfriends house live.

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I'm supposed to be cleaning so much more fun talking to you lot lol wait for my daughter to have a nap then i'll do it
Piggiewiggy said:
dont have time now so I employed a cleaner.

Very nice - wish we could lol. Its not too bad because it is a new house so not much stuff here to make it that untidy but at times it looks really bad. The kitchen is all nice and clean now! :) Next... Lounge!

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thats a great idea except it would be through pure lazyness if i got one lol I'm a fulltime mother well I'm here all day and work at night/evening so i better not get one lol
very very clean and nice house too like the layout sorry I'm doing a course on interior design i notice these things lol your boyfriend will be very pleased
lol Yeah the houses around here are weird. We have a two storey house with lounge, kitchen, study upstairs and 2 bedrooms, 1 with an ensuite bathroom and got another bathroom.

Some of the houses around here are three storey where the bottom level is someones "flat" and the next two levels is a 2storey house for someone else. I will take a picture out of the window so you can see what I mean!

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the houses look really different they look nice though al modern
Aww, what a cute, clean house you have Ellie ;) The computer is so awesome, it's really cool to see the forum on your TV Screen :P

Well done, your boyfriend will be SO pleased.

Livie x
At the moment I do housework and tidy everything up that needs tidying, quite satisfying to see the house all nice and tidy!
Your house looks lovely Ellie.

Dont be giving Matt ideas about me cleaning the flat :o lol


Hous elooks tidy. Did you throw everything in the bedroom to make it look like that LMAO
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