Convincing the hubby

What A Boar!

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May 10, 2020
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Alton, Hampshire
2 days ago hubby said ... and I quote... "if you want more piggies I don't mind, I'm actually enjoying their cuteness and fluff, but they'll need to be outside like Bill and Ted".

It still hasn't sunk in yet lol.
Now I'm trying to convince him to help me change one of our brick built out buildings into a piggie room, we have 3, a coal bunker/store, what used to be the outdoor toilet and a shed. The shed and the old toilet have power.
I'm thinking of using the old toilet. It's pretty big for a toilet, probably 2 metres by 2 metres.
It has a window and it's own door.
All I'd need to do is sweep out the masses of spiders, shudder, and move the kiddies toys into the coal bunker that houses our bikes.
All the rest of the stuff in there is piggie stuff anyways!
Put a light and a heater in there, make a mesh door inside the main door (or cut the door into a stable door) and stack up some hutches each side.

Our house is old so has a huge garden, enough space for a few more runs 😁

I just need to convince him to help me, especially with the 8 legged lodgers, as to much exertion starts off the M.E