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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
Doctor Atkins 6th January 2005- 28th February 2006

Darling Doctor, forgive me if my words are confused. You came into my life last year and have given me so much joy and love. You helped me recover when I was so ill. I watched your coat change colour from red to copper to fabulous tortoisehell. You honey coloured tummy was gorgeous, but you hated me stroking it! You had the sweetest face, and sang the most beautiful chirrupy songs. I loved the way you stamped your back feet on my fingers when you didn't want to come out. And even watching you have smoothie through a syringe was so sweet.

You have been so poorly the last few months. All I want to know is that the pain was not too bad. I was so frightened of losing you. I only wish I could have done more.

Dear, sweet Doctor, it was snowing when you passed away. Beautifl soft fat flakes of snow that settled on the roofs. Just as it snowed when I was born. Darling Doctor, we are taking you home to Cornwall at the weekend - you will be surrounded with flowers and butterflies, with the sound of gulls overhead and the smell of the sea in the air.

Darling Doctor, I will love you always,

Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx

I didnt know you but I felt I did. :'(

You will love it down in Cornwall.

You were very brave little piggy!

Darling little Doctor, we are all so sad to lose you today. You were always the peacemaker in the hutch, and comforted Riffy and Scarby when they were lonely or frightened. You were so beautiful with the most fabulous tummy and a happy little smile. You and I became special friends as soon as we met, and I miss you so much. I hope you had lots of happy times with the other piggies and with us, and we shall remember you with so much love.

Caroline x
Thank you again Mummy for writing about Dr. You know he will miss you as much as you will miss him.
Aww, Lucinda, I'm so sorry. You have been fighting so hard to lead Dr to a full recovery and I am so upset to hear the news.

He was a special piggy and you were a wonderful piggy nurse and mummy!

Big Hugs! :'(

Livie x
thank you. I am crying again now reading all these kind words from everyone.
it never gets any easier losing a beloved pet despite having over 40 pigs at times any deaths still hit me so hard, but time does lessen the pain, you never forget but learn to accept the great loss, God Bless Dr
I am so sorry for your loss :'( Rest in peace Dr Atkins. (((((((((((( HUGE HUGS ))))))))))))) to you Lucinda.
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