Death, Dying, Terminal Illness, Grieving and Bereaved Companions: Information and Support for Owners and Their Children

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Mar 10, 2009
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The following guides have been written to support pet owners in the most difficult of times and to guide them in a practical and hopefully sensitive way through a most heart-breaking and emotionally difficult time.

For most people the loss of a pet is the first time they are ever confronted with death, whether that is the bad news that their pet won't be able to recover and caring for a dying guinea pig; the sheer physicality of the dying process; the difficult decision whether, when and how to euthanise and how it works as well as the instinctive fear of a loss are all being addressed.
The shock of a sudden death and the inevitable questions why; the intensity of your feelings (or sometimes the total lack thereof); the soul-searching or guilt trip at the onset of the grieving process; how to tell your children and where to find help for yourself in various countries as well as practical tips and ideas for marking and processing your loss.
At no time differ human and cavy needs so much as after a bereavement but working around this conflict is often not easy - but possible! Practical tips on what you can do after the loss of a companion, as well as what to look our for, in the immediate and longer term can be found in our last guide link.

Here are the links that you will hopefully find very helpful for yourself and your families in helping to make sense of what is happening, to be able to make any necessary decisions with a clearer mind and heart and know where to look for and find help when you need it:

- A Practical and Sensitive Guide to Dying, Terminal Illness and Euthanasia in Guinea Pigs

- Human Bereavement: Grieving, Coping and Support Links for Guinea Pig Owners and Their Children

- Looking After a Bereaved Guinea Pig
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