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does anybody

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want to buy a computer?

spec as follows

the spec is 1.4ghz processor
512 DDR Ram
128MB Graphics Card
monitor, keyboard, mouse.
12gb Hard Drive
Wireless Card
sound card.

£250 ono

Stuart did sell it to one of his mates in January however he never coughed up the money for it after promising it to us for 5 months so time to resell

It will have Windows XP on it and we can put microsoft office 2000 on it if you require it.

please let us know

Sounds like a good buy.

I already have a computer and also just aquired 2 laptops form my mum which I'm sorting out.

we desperately want to get rid of it what with moving and all we dont have the space for it!

please please buy it!
no, i would rather sell it to someone rather than have to mess about with that all.

we have many people looking into it.
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