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Does anyone watch Life on Mars?

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I love this show. I've been following it avidly since the 1st one. Its the last episode next week where we get to find out what happened to Sam. Or will we? He won't go back home cos they're making another series. So what's going to happen?
One of my friends think he might wake up in a different time. I've got to say, this has really got me thinking. I just can't work it out.
Anyone else got any theories? Or am I way too obsessed with it? :D
Haven't seen it so I can't help, but it's good to analyse everything,! not obsessive at all!
I have been watching it too Debbie, and think its an excellent programme. Refreshingly different to the normal progs on tv these days.

Cant wait to see if Sam gets back 'home'. ;D
I love it too its fantastic hmm I didnt think he'd go home either but i havent got any ideas maybe he'd go forward in time that would be cool lol x
OOh now I never thought about him going forward in time. So many possibilities. I hope we find out what all the running through the trees visions are about.

That test card girl was a bit freaky wasn't she? I was always a bit dodgy of her when I was a kid. Now I know why ;D
I'm another life on mars fan and will certainly miss it after next week, I dont think Sam will go back to the present I think he will get to live his life all over again, I love the way the 70s is copied its spot on I remember it well, wish I could back to the 70s life seemed less harsh kids enjoyed thier free childhood with no worrys etc and as for the clothes well I remember my smock dresses and cap sleeve t shirts and my favourite my furry bomber jacket lol
hubbys is transfixed on the cars every episode he says my car was like that hey look at the cortina etc etc,
glad they are brining it back, the girl on the test card looked so like my cousin Karen when she was young,
makes achange to have a programme that makes you think instead of the usual boring predictable soaps etc
Ooh now I'd never thought of that one either. I think whatever happens it will surprise us all. I can't wait to find out but I don't want it to end either.

I agree that the detail is amazing - brings back so many memories.
I wasn't born in the 70's but when i watch with my dad he always says 'Now where did they get that car from!?' and other things like that my dad would have been 20 then, my mum was 9 then and she says she remember the clothes her mum wore! My dad loves the way they got it spot on but he did notice that in last weeks episode when they where sitting at the back of a house the windows in the background have new PVC double glasing! xx
hee hee really? How funny. I suppose they can be allowed a couple of mistakes for making such a fantastic programme.

I laughed so much in the first episode when Sam said "where's my desk? PC terminal?" and they said "PC who?"
Last episode tonight *sniff*. Am very sad but at least we'll finally get to find out what happens.
I no :( hehe what will we do with our monday nights? Question: Why is TV so brilliant on weeknights and then friday and sat its utter erm rubbish? you'd think they'd put something good on at weekends bring back saturday night takeaway and X factor thats what i say! xx
How good was the last episode! him n Annie should get together :P anyone else like it? a part of me would have liked to have seen him back in 2006 though x
Ive loved this from the start - was born in 1973! series 2 starts filming soon so not too long to wait ::)

Nice to see some quality tv for a change!
I was a little bit disappointed that we didn't find out why he was there but then, if he'd gone back to 2006, there wouldn't have been another series. At least he got to find out what happened to his dad. He was a right little tinker wasn't he?
If you remember, in the first episode, he was moaning that police work wasn't about gut instinct anymore. he wanted to do real policing instead of paperwork and forensics etc. So, I think DCI Hunt is right, 1973 is where he wants to be.
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