Don't know what to do!

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Nov 1, 2010
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I have two male guinea pigs and they don't seem to like each other! I have a two story hutch with a ramp between them. The boys have an outside area to play and stretch their legs. They don't like being picked up and cuddled.

My problem is that they boys chatter their teeth at each other and Dave seems to follow Eric everywhere and not give him a minutes peace! I have put two water bottles in the cage, two food bowls, two hidey holes etc. I closed the ramp last night and to be fair both boys seemed happy but this morning I felt sorry for them as they are social animals so opened the ramp to allow them to be together. Within 5 minutes there was lots of screaming noises and more teeth chattering.

What should I do? separate them so they live on their own or keep them together so they have each other to be with?

I'm very confused as every where says that guinea pigs should not live on their own but Eric seems very subdued when Dave is around!

Please advise me

Many thanks

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