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This is my newest little friend, Drakonai. He's a little ringneck snake I saved from my nephew on our sidewalk. They are my favorite species of snake. I had 2 as a child. If I can convince him to eat, I may get him a proper sized cage and keep him a while, if not I'll find a safer place than our sidewalk to release him. He was all in a panic when I discovered him, flipped over on his back wiggling and showing off his tummy frantically. It was just too cute.




All i can say is you are very brave. snakes are not my thing. LOL
LOL He's a tiny little guy. Ringnecks don't get very big. I can't imagine even the most snake shy person being afraid of them. I love them because they are so small. I don't have to worry about them eating my hammies or other pets. Actually, I'd be more worried about my hammies eating him. They don't bite either and even if they did, an anole bite hurts worse.

same as Mrs Mod, snakes are way out of my league, I even hate worms! But each to their own, he's sweet!
WOW! cool i love snakes, havent seen one of those before, only grass snakes (sloworms) and what a funky name!
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