Dry Food, when to feed.

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Jan 27, 2006
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Hi all :)

Is dry food meant to be left in all the time or just fed say twice a day? My boys have an unlimited supply of hay, and veggies for breakfast and tea!

Also i'm trying to get them off of Gertie as they leave quite a bit, just picking out the tasty bits, tried Supa Excel but they wouldn't eat it, they just starved, till I gave in! I lasted 12 hours! Should I have persevered for longer? should I try a different one such as Wagg?

Bev x x
I recommend Oxbow's Cavy Cuisine, which is a timothy hay-based pellet food for adult guinea pigs. If your guinea pig is under 10 months, they will need an alfalfa hay-based pellet food. Oxbow's alfalfa hay-based food is called Cavy Performance. I buy this food online from http://www.penstone-petstore.co.uk/acatalog/ (Go to Food, Guinea Pigs and then your there!) :P

You need to have pellets available in the cage at all times ;)
My lot used to be like that with Supar Guinea and now they love it, Guess it justs takes time
My piggies LOVE sipa excel and scoff it all the time, I leave it in the cage too.
So persevere even if they're not eating? ok i'll try. It's like trying to get my kids to eat their veggies! Human kids that is lol :) wish I could tell the piggies " eat that supa excel or you get no dessert" ;D
I mixed the excel in with the other food, about half and half and it took them about a week to get used to it, now they only have excel.
I have the dry pelets in a food hopper which holds about 5 days worth so they have it in all the time to nibble on whenever they want.
Willie eats Oxbows cavy cuisine and loves it. I have it available to him at all times in a bowl in his cage. he also has timothy hay or orchard grass available at all times too.
half of my pigs eat cavy cuisine and love it and the other half.. the younger ones.. eat cavy preformance which is for the young pigs. 3 of my pigs are under 8 months and the rest eat cavy cuisine for adult pigs. its really good and they enjoy it. i leave the bowl in always and top it up with fresh pellets when its low
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