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Dry Food

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Jan 23, 2006
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What dry food do you give your guinea pigs?

At the moment mine are on "Guinea Pig Museli". They love it!

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My guineas are one Super Guinea Excel; Our vet told me to change from mix food to these pellet as the guinea just pick out what they like rather then what they need. At 1st they wouldn't eat Super Guinea but not they love it. It has added Vit C which mean I don't need to worry them getting it added in to there diet
mine didnt like the museli. They are on supe guinea but htey perfer gerty
Most piggies love Gerty but as mentioned, they pick out only what the want and leave the stuff they really need. It also has sharp bits and it has caused a Jasmine, one of Kathy's piggie to have a tooth and gum problem. (Her name is Jasmine owned by Kathy at www.guineapigfun.com) It also has artificial colours which are very bad for your piggie. Most mixes are like gerty, even the museli and best to be avoided.

Mine are on Oxbow's Cavy Cuisine which is a Timothy Hay-Based food. It is pellets and must be one of the best and safest foods for piggies. I order my Cavy Cuisine from here: http://www.penstone-petstore.co.uk/acatalog/ That link also has great information about it. They love Cavy Cuisine :P

Livie x
Have tried all sorts over the years, and like many of you, my piggies only ever seemed to pick at it!

The one, however, they all like, is Tesco value food would you believe? ::)

They all leave the seeds that are in it, but everything else gets eaten!

My piggies are on Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch and they love it ;D


mine love nuggets and muesli, I think there eating a little too much at the minute... mind you tho one is eating for two, three, four or possibly more...
My piggie eats Oxbow's Cavy Cuisine and loves it. When he ate the other stuff he tended to pick stuff out of it. He likes things plain, however, he loves when I mix a little bit of the healthy bit treats from kaytee into the food though.
I feed Guinea Pig Museli by Spillers, but I have been given by a kind friend a 2 kg bag of Excel food, which I'd slowly introduce to them.
Clare x
mine all eat Wagg guinea pig crunch I get through 2 hugh sacks a week one for boys and one for girls, they have had it for about 2 years now and all eat it thankgoodness I buy it from a pet food wholesaler
My piggies have the Spillers Guinea Pig Museli and they love it ;D
Mine eat the Guinea Pig Pellets from the pet store.. not a lot of variety in Perth for Cavy Food.
Well mine have been happily munching on a diet of Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch with a bit of Russell Rabbit Carrrot and Leak thrown in. But poor old Babs has put on loads of weight - she was at her heaviest last week at 1kg 420g! The problem is she pinches her cagemates' food and eats everything in sight! The vet said she had to go on a diet so she is now getting fewer greens, more exercise and I have changed all the piggies dry food to Super Guinea Excel to stop selective feeding. I was quite surprised that they seem to like it! Hooray. And Babs is losing weight! yay!

Alex ;D
I use Mr Johnsons Super Guinea Pig Mix and they love it :D
I think I should try a new guinea pig food once all the Guinea Pig Museli has gone. I have noticed all of them only eating the bits they like now! I am always throwing out all the bits they hate everynight and its getting to the stage they only like a bit of it now. :(

I will go through the members reviews and see what everybody thinks of each dry food!
Well if you would like to try some Science Selective I could send you some ;D

Bev x x
bev said:
Well if you would like to try some Science Selective I could send you some ;D

Bev x x

Thanks, are you sure you don't mind? My piggies really do not like this Museli. They have nearly finished the bag so just waiting till I have used all that before I go and buy them something else. If they like this Science Selective then I will know to get them some! :D
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