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Eating newspaper

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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
Is it bad for them?
Dr especially does it - usually when he's in a sulk with me. He will turn his back on me and start ripping up newspaper and eating it.
I do try to limit the amount of newspaper that my guineas chew on as I'm not to sure how good it is for them :-\ Black ink is okay for piggies as it is soya based but be sure not to use any of the coloured inks as they are bad for piggies.
my piggies have always ate newspaper and paper shreddings.. I just make sure they don't have any coloured printing (photos).
It's never done them any harm

Kelly and piggies xx
If he finds a peice of paper he trots off with it to tear it i try and stop them if its anything coloured but if its normal printer paper i just leave him to it
All of mine rip up and eat the newspaper! It is one of their favourite things to do as they know it drives me mad!

Never has done them any harm though so I'll let them have their fun!
I asked this on another forum months ago and was told all print is now safe so no worrys mine all rip it up as fast as I'm laying it down fresh little monkeys
Everybody uses newspaper however I never have and don't think I ever will. I just use carefresh and nothing else and its fine. I still worry about them eating too much paper and giving them an upset stomach and also when they wee surely the ink from the paper would run?
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