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Eriathwens piggies

Tillys had a great appetite today, don't know what the obsession is with basil but what she wants, she gets, at this point 😅🤢

Also, if you look really closely at the pile of hay, you'll see there's actually a very cleverly disguised Panda! 😂🥰

They’re both gorgeous. Glad Tilly is enjoying some nice food and lol at Panda’s disguise!
Tilly seems to be suffering a little neurological decline and is struggling now with eating, she needs regular prompting to finish her food. I have a feeling she is developing/developed dementia or similar, which seems entirely possible given her age. She seems to zone out and forget what she is doing if you don't give her a gentle nudge in the right direction. Banjo and Lily are taking it in turns to lay next to her when she's in her cage.
Depending on how this week goes, I am leaning towards taking her to be put to sleep as I am not 100% she is still enjoying the things she previously enjoyed. I am hoping maybe she will regain a little bit of herself but its probably not likely 😔 but she's done well, bless her.

While giving Mabel her syringe feed tonight, Amber decided it wasn't fair that she wasn't getting any special food or attention and tried to climb into my lap to get to the cup 🤦‍♀️

So beautiful how Tilly's friends are caring for her. You will do whatever is best for Tilly, she knows she is loved.xx