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Eriathwens piggies

Ever the pig to do things on her terms, Tilly decided that this morning it was time to be reunited with her daughters 😔
She was as well as ever when I did her 9am meds, she must have passed extremely quickly and peacefully which is a comfort.

Sleep well sausage 💔

Sorry for your loss. Tilly lived an extraordinary life no doubt due to the love and care you gave her. I’m sure she’s now reunited with her daughters over the rainbow bridge ♥️
I am sorry Tilley has left for the bridge but glad you didn't have to make that decision for her. What a wonderful life of love she had with you.
Sleep tight sweet Tilley.
She is happily leading her small herd into the pastures to graze in the sun. She lived joyously and passed with a full tummy in the warmth of your care. She lived to enjoy the summer once more and to delight us.
Ah beautiful Tilly …..always doing things her way ❤️
I’m so sorry to read this but glad you didn’t have to decide for her - she had the most wonderful life with you all
Look after you 🥰
Popcorn freely at RB lovely Tilly ….reunited with your lovely daughters
Oh bless her- what a lovely girl and what an amazing life you gave her. Take care, we know how special she was to you.
So sorry that you lost Tilly, but it sounds as if she had a lovely ending, at home, in peace and surrounded by love.
You gave her an amazing life.
Be gentle with yourself as you grieve.
Hugs 🤗
So very sorry for your loss. Tilly had the best life with you and chose her own time to leave for the rainbow bridge. A piggy life well lived.❤️🌈
Thankyou all, I collected Tilly yesterday. I didn't post as, since she passed, I became increasingly unwell with a fever. I got some antibiotics yesterday, I'm not 100% yet but feeling more human at least although some of my lymph nodes are still incredibly sore and swollen.

I feel really bad for Banjo and Lily, they keep as far away from eachother as possible, every time I go into their room they're on opposite sides of the cage 😔 something I'll have to keep an eye on in case I need to move a pig in from another cage.

RIP little one. Such sweet little paw prints! I hope you feel better and more comfortable soon. I hope Banjo and Lilly feel better soon too.