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Everyone out?

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Jan 23, 2006
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Everyone gone out tonight? It's so quiet on here!

Was out at the pub earlier - only a juice for me. Now we've got rain and it's so dark! Got thunder too - that's your fault Lucinda, talking about it! LOL ;D ;D

Piggies got talk radio on at the mo, cos I can't seem to get a deecent channel for them!

Talking, texting and playing online games here! As well as eating strawberries and wheezing!
I like most of them except the liqurish (sp) ones! ;D

*sends Kelly a virtual jellybean*
I'm leaving work in a few, then i have to pick up mums gift as it is mothers day on sunday! :D
I have just been watching tv and looking after Matt as he has the MAN FLU!
I am at my mums while Luke is out with mates. Perhaps while he is out should be the time I do maths revision... nah... its too late now lol! :D
5th June and 12th June lol - I haven't hardly done any! I got a D at school so if I got another D it would have been a wasted year. I need to get a C. Especially if I want to do primary teaching!
don't i know about it ;D

I have been runnning round all night hes driving me crackers.

I put his soup on and fogot about it ooops ;D
Primary school teaching is the whole reason I wasn't on last night!

My job makes me so knackered that I couldn't even contemplate going out on a Friday night - I went to bed to watch TV at about 9 and woke up at 1am because I was freezing as I'd fallen asleep on top of the covers with the TV on! I am such a party animal!
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