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Farewell Sonic

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She has been so very ill lately, and my mum opened up the cage to change her bedding today and she was fully paralyzed down her side. She also had signs of wet tail. I couldn't see her before she was taken to the vets...I learnt the hard way how badly it affects me to see them so sick when we lost Rosie. I know it is cowardly and I should have at least gone in and told her how much she has been loved if nothing else, and I am already regretting it. She was so precious...

10th May 2004 - 26th February 2006
You were so dearly loved sweetie...I'm sorry. If we could have this time with you again we would do so many things differently. Please know that Sonnie.

((((HUGS))))) I'm so sorry. Its been a bad week for death. I know what you are going through. SO Sorry! Be Strong! MIchele
Big hugs to you Laura.. She's playing with all the animals at Rainbow Bridge and hanving a fantastic time. She misses you as much as you miss her
Aww Laura, I'm so sorry :'( ((HUGS))

She had a wonderful life with you and is now playing up at Rainbow Bridge with my hamsters, Rosie and Honey and all the other hamsters and animals up there.

Sorry again, Livie x
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