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In the morning when i open the back door i'm greeted with the sound of weeking boys and scuffling girls in their hutch as they wait patiently for a generous top up of hay some fresh dried food and they for the sound of the ceramic bowls to clink together as i stack the four of them up to carry them to the kitchen. Behind me all i hear is Weeeeek wweeeeek weeeeek from the boys as they know that their veggies is on the way.


mum informed me yesterday that Taz has a new way of saying that he wants some vegetables!

he stands there and bites the ceramic bowl so that it makes the sound of the clinking bowls together..

clever or what! hehe

anyone else have piggies that communicate in this way
my piggies do the same. as soon as i open the garage door. they squeak like mad even if its not feed time. not notice the bowl crewing but will keep an eye out for that one. LOL
Mine wheek in the morning for there veggies and also wheek when I russle plastic bags ( the lettuce is in a plastic bag in the fridge) and when the back door is open ( as they think they are going to get grass)
Mine don't wheek at all :( even though I feed them at the same times and do the same bag rustling every day so as they recognise it, and although they seem to be excited I've never heard a squeak let alone a wheek!
Yes, my piggies all do the same, any kind of rustling, they squeak! Even when they've just been fed!

Tonic stamps his feet on his bowl when his dry food is running low!

Kelly and piggies xx
and the two boys porcorn like mad if you give them a little bit and say "ohh do you want some more" hehe they bounce all over teh place but the girls are a little bit moodier they dont do anything like that just peer out from their house when i say "come on then"
typical women if you ask me, they just want it right now, the boys are more excited about it.
Rudi used to pick up the bowl and run aimlessly with it until someone fed him or just chew the bars that man loved his food! lol
every evening when i get home, i say, "hi princess baby!", and she jumps on the bars and starts to bite them! i know she wants a snack. i go get her snack box and i tease her first by shaking the box. but i cant for long cuz if i contnue, i think she will try and run through the bars! lol! :o ;D
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