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Finally told off the boss!

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Yay! Finally! well, you guys knows how upset i was when he didnt let me to the burial of my uncle. well lately, hes been really testing me and work! I'm the only secreatey ( the other one only works 2x a week), and so my load is on me. in between calls, clients, mail and not to mention my boss, sometimes i wanna throw myself out the window! this is also why I'm not on as much too.
well anyway, he was in court all day yesterday and he left me a messsage tellin me to call a company and get a detailed invoice for something. i did a bunch of times! it finally came thru as i was leaving so i left the paper on his desk. i didnt look at it and of course it was the wrond thing (go figure!) so he leave me a nasty message on my cell ending it with," what do you do all day? thanks alot!" i was sooooo mad! >:( i was gonna swallow it up but i called him back and told him a bunch of things and ended it with," what you think, i sit on my ass all day doing nothin?!" ha ha! :P i told him i dont like the messages he leaves! he shouldnt be calling me after hours anyway! serves him rite! ;D
Well done you! How dare he speak to you like that. I bet he'll think twice before he does it again!

;D ;D
lol! hes just such an ass! then he was like, well i just called and it was faxed very fast. and i said, the reason it was faxed was because they got all my bitchy messages! ;D
Good for you Jo ;D He sounds like a mean old bully.
lol! thanx! hes okay sometimes but other times hes really a jerk
tee hee.
you wont believe what happened again last night with my boss!
now, I'm in charge of giving him the locations and times of where he will be going the next day. i gave him all the info and left. it was almost 8 in the evening and I'm getting a pedicure, when my boss calls! he leaves a message saying i didint tell him where to go! he was just rude! normally i would swallow it but i called back and said." jeff, the file is on the desk and i told you where the hearing is". he says he doesnt remember the conversation! then he says i gotta leave little notes for him eveytime theres a hearing!AAAHHH! >:( I WAS SOOOOO MAD! i just hung up. i cant believe because he forgot, he gets mad at me! what to do? tell him off again? I'm getting sick of his crap!
lol! yea i think at times of getting a new job but then i start to feel bad cos i really am the one that keeps things in order here.
well he called and said hes not coming today cos his kid is sick. at least i will be at peace. ;)
If you're the only one he can rely on, he should at least treat you well. Sounds like he'd be stuck if you weren't there ;D
Sounds to me like you should haul the man up in front of an employee tribunal for the way he is treating you!

Might be worth speaking to someone you can trust in your HR department who can give you some advise on how to handle him. Do you have a 'confidential contact' facility at work? We have an employee relations adviser who we can speak confidentially to and he's a law boffin so can give a certain amount of advise.

You are the bigger person, remember that and you are much better than that job by the sounds of things.

Sit down and have a good think about things and maybe keep a diary of the things he says and the way he behaves just in case you want ot take it further.

Chin up!

Lu x
the problem is that its a personal business. he is the boss and thats it. there noone herw to talk to or complain to. its just me and him. but i will keep in mind of everything. i'll have to talk to him.
he knows he upsets me, i think. he cant be that dumb! I'm just so fed up!
If he's employed you then he should treat you with respect!

Have you thought about looking for another job?

Why not sit down with him and tell him how he makes you feel? I know it might be tough to do but at least he has no excuse to carry on as you've confronted him with it.

We're all behind you!

Lu x
thanks, lu! i have been thinkin of speaking to him for some time now. wish me luck!
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