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Nov 26, 2016
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Rochdale, England

This is a lady based in Northern Ireland, she runs craft workshops (many of which cover an entire weekend), sewing classes, all the usual stuff. She's apparently just started branching out to selling online, and full disclosure here, my mother has asked me to pass along the link to anyone who might make use of it.

I've never met the lady but I have dealt with her on a couple of occasions and she sounds very nice over the phone. Her stuff isn't exactly "cheap" but it's always stuff that she'd use herself, she wouldn't recommend anything she hasn't previously tried herself. She'll send anything within the UK and Ireland, and the site says she'll ship internationally if you message her first to work out the details. The kits she sells she puts together herself rather than being prepackaged, so there's exactly what you need in there every time.

...sorry, I feel like I've just written out a massive ad, but there you go. I'm hoping some of you can find something you'd like!