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for the girls when you feeling a little bloated and low

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That's me today. I feel better now that I know it's because I'm clever rather than the kebab I had for dinner last night ;D
thats me to a t, I'm a really intelligent lady , you can tell by being a size 16 lol
Yeah ok Kelly whatever i have a size 10 feet na na na na nah! hehe:P x
Hahaha Love it... I've got size 11 feet, so I beat all of you :P and a size 18 dress size.
ui'm bigger than u all but not in feet size. so ner ner ner ner ner..

i'm the brain box of the forum :P
I am 14 dress size, with 7 feet - what does that make me? the village idiot of the forum?
;D ;D ;D
nope that would be me I think ;D

size 8/10 and size 4/5 feet :o
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