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Jan 23, 2006
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[fontgorgia]Forum Instruction Manual


If you woul lik to rgistr as a mmbr of th forum, at th top of th scrn you will s th wor "gistr" in th spch bubbl an "gistr" as a button on th forum mnu buttons.

lick ithr of ths buttons an onc you hav click th "gistr" button you will b on th rgistration pag.

You will n to supply us with a usrnam of your choic, mail arss, an a passwor. You will also thn n to agr to th trms an conitions.

nc you hav on this, you will b a rgistr mmbr of Th Guina Pig Forum


[fontgorgia]ogging In

Thr is two ways of logging into th forum.

Numbr n

At th top of th pag you will s two mpty boxs which say unrnath thm " ogin with usrnam, passwor an sssion lngth"

In th first box typ in your usrnam, th scon box your passwor an thn from th rop-own list you can choos how long you stay logg in for.

Numbr Two

You will s th forum mnu buttons at th top of th forum "Hom" "Hlp" "Sarch" "ogin" "gistr".

If you click on "ogin" you will thn b abl to ntr your usrnam an passwor an th lngth of tim you woul lik to b logg in for.


[fontgorgia]Posting a nw topic/thra

To start a nw topic/thra, go to th boar which you woul lik to post in.

n th right han-si of th scrn, you will s four buttons "Mark as a" "Notify" "Nw Topic" "A Poll"

lick on "Nw Topic" an it will thn tak you to th scrn to start your nw topic
Typing a Nw Topic

Whn starting a nw topic, you will n to a a subjct (Plas mak it as rlvant to th topic you ar iscussing about as this hlps popl sarch for particular topics!)

Unrnath "Subjct" you will s "Mssag Icon". You can choos any mssag icon from th rop-own list.

You can thn writ in th boy of th txt in th nxt big mpty box blow.

Unrnath you will s "Aitional ptions". If you click on this, you will s thr tick boxs with th choics

  • [fontgorgia]Notify m of rplis.
    [*][fontgorgia]turn to this topic.
    [*][fontgorgia]Don't us smilys.

You can put ticks in all thr boxs if you wish.

You will thn s "Attach". If you click "brows" you will thn b abl to slct th fil you woul lik to b attach to th thra.

nc you hav finish writing you topic, you can thn prviw your thra by clicking th "Prviw button".

If th mssag looks ok, you can thn click "Post".


[fontgorgia]ply to a Post

To rply to a post, mak sur you ar in th post which you woul lik to rply.

You will fin th "rply" button at th top an bottom of th thra.

You will s it with othr buttons such as "rply" "notify" "mark unra" "sn topic" "print"

If you click th rply button you will thn b takn on th pag to rply to th mssag

Mor instructions will b a to this thra
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