Fry & Laurie's Behaviour

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Laurie is the bigger of my two cavies, and he's more lively and confident. However, he is less interested in going on my lap and has nipped me three times. I'm not quite sure what to do about the nipping - I'm hoping that when they're moved into their permanent home, which is my bedroom, they'll be a bit better as they'll be able to roam about the room.

Cute little Fry, however, is more shy and less active and because of this I've been able to bond with him more. I can easily remove him from the cage and he will lay on my lap or chest as I stroke him (he has become more confident, in trying to eat my shirt buttons).

However - he was just making a bizarre little noise. I don't know how to describe it. I've heard them both make a sort of purr-ing noise in the cage, but this was a quiet, chirp-like little guinea noise.

Also, they both keep making a sort of.. Chuckling noise. O_o

Any ideas?
Jan 23, 2006
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It sounds like they are just really content. My lot make noises like this throughout the day and just go around popcorning like loonies! :)

Like the names you have chosen ;)

When Laurie nips becareful not to be too scared and pull away or put him back straight away (I know how hard this is). A short noise, or a firm no (not shouting) usually stops it.


Yeah. :0 I've been trying to continue to hold Laurie when he nips, and I've been taking him over to the sofa to let him sit freely on my lap, hoping that he'll get more and more used to be like his (button-eating) brother.


Try putting him on a towel on your lap / chest too, all animals for some reason seem to find towelling comforting. I have a "devil" pig who nips, bites and tears at me but if I put him on a towel on my lap he quitens down a bit!
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