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Fungal Photos

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Sep 17, 2014
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Melbourne, Australia
so I washed my guinea pig penny in the Malaseb fungal shampoo and I have been putting canesten on the really bad bits.
Her hair has now started to fall out and is still really red. Is this a sign its getting better or worse?
She has been to the vets and they said to just wash her. I last washed her 5 days ago.


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Was it Ringworm she was diagnosed with? if so it does get worse before it gets better. With all types of fungal the infected hair needs to come out too. How many baths is she due to have?
The vets never gave an exact diagnosis. She's due for 2 more baths over 2 weeks. I'm glad it's in it's healing process though. Doing everything I can to prevent this happening to her in my care. I bought some vit c tablets just to give her a boost even though she gets her veggies high in it.
Sundae had a couple of yeast-related fungal infections that we treated with anti-fungal baths and Monistat external cream, as per the vet's suggestion. It did take some time for the hair to stop falling out and to start regrowing, even after we started treating. The skin looks irritated, but not sore/cracked/bloody or otherwise in bad shape, which is good. I would keep at it and hopefully this is part of the healing process. If you don't see improvement, go back to the vet as you might need a different antifungal.
I think the wash and cream I'm using is working as it looks much better... just so much more hair has fallen out. I'm assuming this is because it was far spread. I bought some soothing gel from gorgeous guineas as the skin was VERY dry and cracking.


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I hope she heals fully soon! When my little Gizi had ringworm Canesten has no affect on the ringworm but lamisil jock itch did :)
I used Gorgeous Guineas Coconeem melt, Manuka and Neem (i think) shampoo and Kwench lotion and it has worked very well reducing skin inflammation and has cleared the fungal skin infection too. I didn't find Imaverol or Daktarin particularly effective after some time and their skin was irritated so I changed, however I think fungal skin infections clear with different methods with different piggies!
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