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Fungus Infection Or Mites?

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May 9, 2017
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just got this baby guinea pig from the humane society but of a crazy situation family dropped off over 100 pregnant females at our shelter. So I adopted a baby. Turns out she has a Upper Respiratory Infection (currently being treated with bactrim) and I believe she has a fungal infection I've given her a bath with some fungal shampoo and am putting on a fungal cream. But I'm not sure if I'm correct that it's a fungal infection.. need tips and help. She is drinking, eating and pooping well. Very energetic being that she is so sick. I've attached some photos of her scabs. They are only on her face I've looked all throughout her and nothing else is showing. Thanks! (P.s the white looking stuff around her wounds is the cream)IMG_2518.JPGIMG_2519.JPGIMG_2520.JPG


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Mar 10, 2009
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Coventry UK
It rather looks like ringworm, but please have it checked by a vet if possible; if you have already started treating on spec, it is much harder to diagnose. URI, ringworm and mange mites or other parasites are opportunists and often hit in combination in neglects cases when the immune system is lowered.
PLEASE treat with good quality stuff and do not treat on spec; especially not with the cheap low dosed broad spectrum products from the pet shop, which can do more harm than good. Be aware that the fungus affects a large area around the visible site where all the affected hairs have to come out to ensure that there is no fungal remaining that can trigger a new outbreak. Fungus sits usually at the hair roots. Just creaming is not quite enough.

Also be aware that ringworm is the most highly transmittable issue that can affect all mammals, incuding humans and that thorough hygiene is essential, especially investing in an anti-fungal disinfectant that also kills ringworm spores.
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Make sure that she is on a good balanced hay based diet with a wide range of nutrients and give additionally some vitamin C to boost her immune system.

Is she your only piggy?

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