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Gerty Guinea Pig - Members Reviews

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Jan 23, 2006
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Hi Everybody,

I thought I would make a review page for each food so then people can read through each review and can then decide which is best for them.

On this thread please only write a review on what you think of the food the topic is about and then out of five stars ***** give it the number you think it should get. (5 stars = best)

Your review should look like this....

"I think.... <write your review>

*** (3 stars)"

If you would like to discuss this particular bedding or ask any questions, please start a new thread or find the approriate thread to post in.

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Your review should look like this....

"I think this is a excellent product. My piggies love it and have been on it fro 3.5years. I recommend any pet owner to get this product. Even my vets ( who are very knowledgeable on piggies) have it to buy. So it must be good. this product has EEC approved colourings which if you look into cat and dog they all have it too. it doesnt do them any harm.

***** (5 stars)
I thnk this food isn't too good for my piggies, they only eat certain bits and leave loads!

* star
I think it is a horrible food. The piggies pick out what they want, not what they need. It has artificial colourings which aren't good for piggies and very sharp bits including seeds, which should not even be in a guinea pigs diet!

I give this product no stars.
This product contains colourings (permitted!) that cause irritation the the digestive system. We advise at RGPR NOT to feed it. The culprits are the coloured biscuits but even if you pick them out, as someone I know did, they still have an effect. These colourings are in cat and dog food which is why the Raw and Meaty bone Diet is so popular (even with some vets). My vet does not advise giving this food (Gerty).
I believe selection may not be a bad thing as an ill guinea (I have noticed) will pick at Protein rich food, like they know what they need. Who knows?!
Supreme, the makers of Gerty have now brought a pelleted food out...
I wouldn't advise giving this food besides the colorings every one I know and my piggie tried it too said their piggie picked things out of it leaving most of it. Most piggies don't like all the extra seeds and such and I think it's full of to much stuff.

I give it zero stars!
Nil points for this one! I agree with Karen on this one. I believe Gerty contains Sunset Yellow which can cause some probs for piggies. It can cause a high reading of glucose in the piggie's urine which then returns to normal once the food is stopped.

Alex x
No, I don't like this one. I started out with it because I didn't know any better, buy my guys didn't like it. They love Tesco's in the purple bag. No stars for Gertie
I feed Zubin this and he LOVES it he was on supa xel when he was a baby but its too expensive and with this he has hay in it too I'm now a litle worried about the colours but i will continue 2 buy it cos hes so fussy he wont eat nethin else
Gerty has sunset yellow which is a colouring we should not give to guineas. It can lead to health problems. I'd give it a big fat 0
sorry 0 stars for this
my guineas eat certin bits but i`m left with a bowl of grains and seeds which they just don`t like.i would n`t recommend it to anyone
No stars here either, it caused a lot of bladder problems including re-occuring Cystitus in my white Texel

Would never feed it again :(
Mine would selectively eat, which meant they ate the same bits and left the rest. Lots of wasted mix.I have been told it has colouring in which is not good for them too.
Carol C

Squeak wont touch any of this, she just turns her nose up at it and squeaks for more food to be brought to her! hehe

I give it 0 points..

On this food one of my piggies had re-occuring urine infections and even went on to develop diabetes. Since changing onto a colourant free food she has had no more problems, although the diabetes has remained it's not been as bad.

I give gertie guinea pig 0 stars.

Rachel x
mine always leave the seeds, the pellets and the coloured bits. i throw away more than they eat

I am feeding this now and mine seem to love it but after reading this I think I will change!!
I'm the same. My boys liked it a lot but I've read so many bad things about it.
At the moment they're having a change and eating the Wagg food in the red bag. It's a lot cleaner and not as dusty as Gerty. They don't seem as picky and ate the whole lot :D
I used to give this to Freddy as it looked interesting for him but he also picked out the bits he wanted and left the rest (sometimes turning around and peeing on it so it showed what he thought and meant it had to be thrown!).

The PAH pellets were quite good as they can't selective eat and once Freddy realised this was all that was coming his way he ate that quite happily.

I'm now feeding the troop Bob Martins Guinea Pig and Rabbit mix so all are happy and healthy.
I thought it was just Bil that used to pee on his food in disgust ;D
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