Getting a new friend


Junior Guinea Pig
Jul 8, 2019
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So I have a New Guinea pig his name is Chorizo I’ve had him for about a week now, he lets me pet him and hand feed him, but really doesn’t let me pick him up. I want to get him a new friend but I’m not sure what age should I get the other piggie, Chorizo is about 2 months, so should I get another guinea pig that’s approximately the same age as him? I tried introducing him to an older guinea pig. That honestly didn’t go well. The older piggie ended up teeth chatter the whole time and purring a lot and trying to go after his behind. Chorizo really didn’t like that so he just kept running away and made like little wheaking noises. Keep in mind the older guinea pig is much bigger than Chorizo is so I was a bit afraid. But from that little introduction I not think they’ll be getting along. Both Chorizo and the older guinea pig seemed pretty annoyed so I just separated them. So what should I do should I find a guinea that’s similar to Chorizos age or try again later. I’ve only had Sows throughout my life time of owning guinea pigs, so male introductions are a bit out of my experience.

Keep in mind I made sure they didn’t nip each other so please don’t think I just threw them together and walked away!

Sorry for such a long question, I just really need help:(