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Giving Blood

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Well this Bank Holiday Monday I have booked to do my first blood donation. It is my New Years resolution this year. I feel so proud of myself. Anyone else give blood?

Other previous New Years resolutions that I have acheive was giving up s moking (given up 7 years next month) go to the gym(been going nearly 2 years) Lose weight ( lost 3 stone in 2002) also give up the booze (given up 4 years in July) the oldest resolution was pass my driving test which was my rsolution from when i was 17. I passed 6 days after my 30th birthday so it was 13 years before i did it but i did. LOL
Well done Michele.

I would also give blood but I'm anemic so i can't :(
I would love to give blood but I am so scared of just having blood tests that I really could not go through with it :( I got to go for another blood test today and I am scared - I hate them so much!

My mum gives blood loads and they have really messed up her arm and last time she went I have never seen her arm so bruised - it is because they put it in then keep taking it out trying to find another vein!
I give blood i've done it 5 times now :D hehehe

just waiting for my next stabbing session to come through the door :D

its a fab thing to do..

i was considering bone marrow but owchie...

Glad to see someone else giving blood too.

I'm on the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow register and have been for about 5 years. I'm going to ask when I give blood whether its worth me still register on theres too.

I'm also carry donor card too.

I am going to give blood soon, I have a donor sign on my boots card i think that means i am a donor.
i once gave blood in high school...what a disaster! i didnt eat breakfast that day and passed out while donating! they had to take off all the equpment, wake me up and then i went home. after all that, i didnt even give the entire pint, just half!
i cant anymore since i have a tattoo. :P
I give blood regularly. I couldn't for a while because I was dangerously anaemic because of the coeliac disease - this was before my diagnosis. There's nothing to giving blood.

I also carry a donor card.
GUTTED. they wouldnt let me give blood cos i have only been back from holiday 15 days. I have to be back 28 days or more befor they will let me cos the USA and Canada have some sort of virus thing there. GUTTED

I was asked to do that at college but i found out i couldnt too many drugs in my system apparantly but people thought i was just being mean made me feel like **** walking away everyone giving me evils!
i will have to now wait until september 2007 when my daughter is at school cos that was they dont normally do morning appointment only afternoons.
they are. its the earliest i can do it. i cant do afternoons with a 2.5 year old until she starts ful time school. i can do mornings when shes at playschool but thats all.
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