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Goodbye My Friend

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Dec 31, 2013
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south yorkshire
Cousin Ameila died very peacefully in my arms today. Can't write more yet. Feel like my hart is broken
Oh Nicky I am so so sorry to hear this. I remember when you rescued cousin Amelia and Amelia Jane had the honour of you naming cousin Amelia after her. She had such a lovely and happy life with you. If you ever want to talk then please PM me. I totally understand how heartbroken you are feeling. I hope you are okay. xx
I always struggle to express how sorry I am when I read these posts, but I really really am so so sorry.
I'm glad she was with you, and I'm sure she knew how much you cared for her.
Sweet dreams little girl. x
Thank you every one for your kind words x its been so sudden I still can't take it in. The only difference in her was she had started looking a little 'old' but everything else was fine. This morning before we went out she was fine,trying to climb out of her cage to get her veggies etc. We actually went shopping to get the animals their Easter gifts.when we got back I decided to give the guineas one of the hay cookies we had got them for Easter as they love them so much. When I went up stairs Edward and Mrs Simpson were just stood very still on their upper platform which I thought strange.I looked in and Cousin Ameila was just layed under the water,I thought she had gone.I screamed for my husband and picked her up,she was still alive so my husband ran to phone the vets to say we were on our way.I sat on my bed and cuddled her she was not struggling at all she just slipped away.
So sorry to hear this sad news Nicky. I always find sudden unexpected deaths the hardest to cope with, at least you were with her at the end. Thinking of you x

I am very sorry for your loss! it can really whack you when it is out of the blue.

You are most welcome to post a tribute to Amelia in our Rainbow Bridge when you feel up to it in order to share some precious memory but also your grief with us.
I'm so sorry for your loss! I lost Linney under similar circumstances a few months ago... nothing seemed wrong other that seeming 'older' over the past couple of months, then abruptly got very ill and passed in my arms. ((HUGS)) to you. I know it's heartbreaking.
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