Got a new carrier for Melvin and Parsnip

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Jan 23, 2006
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West Midlands
I only use carriers for going to the pet boarders we use or the vets. Got one of the plastic types for Leo bunny but the old plastic one we had before that I used for Melvin and Parsnip broke last time we used it - reckon it was old and the boys are pretty chunky piggies so might have been too heavy?

As we are going away Easter I needed to get a new one - have opted for a fabric one and got it today - seems good quality and says for up to 10lb's in weight - they are max of 5lbs combined.

It was £12.99 which seems a good price, enough room for them to turn/move but equally nice and secure - they are in it for max of half an hour just to get to/from the pet hotel.

Think I'll put paper/hay in it and let them have a sit in there so they get use to it.

Has anyone used these types? Hope it will be ok.

It's a much smaller version of this one: called 8 in 1 'sof krate delux' from Germany. Has carry handles on and zip top/front opening.
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