Got my results back for my knee

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Went to have a CT scan on my left knee as I can't bend it properly. Got the results back today and went to the doctor to see what is wrong.

The doctor said that my patella(knee cap) is detiorating and now I have to wait for specialist appt to see if I need surgery. The doctor said, I would except to see this type pf thing in a 50 year old person not someone of 26 yrs. :'( Ohh well.
Oh Lord that's terrible. :o Does the doc have any idea why your knee is deteriorating (sp?)?
I'm so sorry to hear that! was there any reason why you might have that injury?

That's the funny thing, my other knee (right one)was caused throu playing basketball. But not this one, I turned and my knee and it went snap! And the frustrating part is the doctor has no just have to wait to see what the specialist says..They might just put a camera down into my knee to see what is wrong. I'm really hoping that it will be just that thou.
I'm still waiting for a knee op since i was 14 a cartlidge removal the knees fine now, about the only thing that is ok, mum had a replacement knee op in january and it went well, youare young so any surgery will be fine, if it comes to that of couse, fingers crossed it does'nt
So hope your knee gets better soon. How quickly will the appointment come through or is Australian hosptials like the NHS. Takes 3 months for an appointment to come through to you but you then have to wait a further 6 motnhs for the date. Actually no health service is as bad as the UK. and thats a FACT!
Could take a few months for the appt to see the specialist comes throu. Then if I need surgery (like a knee replacement) 2-3 years on a waiting list. This is throught the public health system, If I had $3,000 I would get it done in 2 stinks :(
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