Got new ones at home

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Hey Guys
I got new ones at home now.

I have a hell lot of questions... I have 2 different pets... 1 is RES - A Red ear slider turtle... here is the web site...
when I bought the RES firstly I went on finding these things out on web and found this web site... It solved my 90% of problems regarding the habitat, tanks, lighting etc. etc... It was a big big problem before I could find out how to raise them up.... fortunately I found it out... unfortunately the turtle is no more and the tank is empty and dry...

Now I two Piggies... they are great... eating eating, getting excited, whistling and doing all sort of things... but still the questions remain...

1. I am in Vietnam and mostly don't know about the vegetables, chinese/indian/english? Well I can ask someone but no one knows how to identify it?
2. Cages ---- Great... when I bought my piggies they were in a birds cage... (recently I have started making cage by miself)
3. What about the hey.... Can I use the rice hey?
4. How do you identify them, male or female?
5. what are the best ways to feed enough Vitamin C?... what is over feeding?
6. what about the light, how long should they get light and how long they shouldn't?

Can some one tell me where can I find all the information on this forum? I am sorry... I am too confused...

Thanks in advance

Jan 23, 2006
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Firstly welcome to the forum and well done on getting your two piggies :)

If you have a search through the posts/threads here you will find all of your answers.

Vegetables - what do you give them now?

On finding out the sex of them - has some pictures and good information, also

If you can't find anything or need any more info then just ask! :)



Thank you all for the reply.
My sincere problem is the English names of the vegetables.

Well I have managed to find some veggies like broccoli, lettuce (some times), cabage, bell peppers mostly green, carrots sometime... I have the GP pellets but I am not sure about the contents... Fortunately/unfortunately I work with a animal feed company and we have the pig feeds with us but they are not GPs... They are the normal pigs. I can talk to the guys but I am sure they will confuse me completely and ultimately me and my GP will suffer...

Can I go ahead with the veggies listed above or shall I add some more?... What are the chances of over feeding them? Cause I feed them with a lot lot of fresh grass from our factory ( I don't know the name) and sometimes I don't have to bother about their food for 2 days as both of them love that grass and very excited to get it... I have a full tin of pellets usually with them all the time so that they don't have to wait for me to get their food... My work schedules are very tight at this point of time during the year. I am sure that grass is clean and fine... What sort of hay is good... RICE Hay is okay? cause I am sitting in the rice bowl of Vietnam. I guess I can get it easily even in the off season time...

Please let me know.

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