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Grant again

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no no no he doesnt need a wig. he looks good.

Sorry kelly he's staying at mine i will look after him.
LOL I'll put up with my hubby for the time being then! Let me know when he gets too much! ;D
does any of you find it wierd watching him be so tough in Ultimate force then a soft soppy man in E E last night he cried ahhhhh Courtney dont love him any more poor Grunt, sorry Grant just joking hes not for me, now Ritchie out of Bon Jovi, dont know why but i seem to have a crush on him lately he is wow
LOL he's gorge in whatever he does - love the hard man in Ultimate Force! Ritchie is cute!
I love Darren Hayes, when i went to see him in concert last month he looked amazing ;D
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