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Nothing beats good old grass.

Just been out in the garden with my washing up bowl (this is now only used for piggies) and got 2 bowls of grass. Hand picked which is how my little monkeys perfer it. I put it in their run and they have come alive again. They love it. More then parsley, more than corn on the cob husks more then hay. they love it. i feel spring is in the air (with abit of a chilly feel to it LOL)

yeah same with my lot Mrs Mod..! We've got a big field by us and they love nothing more than the grass. It's great when it gets warmer then we can take them there everyday! We haven't got a garden at the mo.

Mrs Player xx
Mine love grass too!

I feed a product called Spillers Readigrass which is pure dried grass and they love it! Especially in the winter months when there is no fresh on offer.
mine love spillers but cant find it in small bags. well smaller then a bale size. it took nearly a year to get through it. Do you know where i can get some?
I buy a bale with all of mine to feed!

There is a product called Super forage which is dried grass and comes in small bags. Also something called 'Friendly Dried Grass' that I use when I run out of readigrass.
Also - you can get it by the bag from Thistle Cavies rescue shop - it also helps rescue funds if you buy it that way!
cant remember how much it is for a bale? trying to see whats the best option
I let Griffin oand Zubin out in the Pen today and griffie tasted grass for what i gues was the first time and he popcorned all over the place! i hope it warms up soon
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