Halfway up my Mount Everest stair running fundraising challenge!


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Mar 10, 2009
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Coventry UK
On Friday evening, I have passed the half mark of my lockdown challenge on running up the single stair in my home a number of times every day in order to equal the height of Mount Everest before the end of the year (and roughly some 3400 stair runs later!)

(The Everest Range as seen from Pikey Peak, 4065 m)

I am doing this as a fundraiser in order to support the dental guinea pigs at The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary (TEAS) since I can't bake and run a cake stall with Swiss and German recipe cakes for their open days as usual.
You can follow my journey in the link below. The original thread is in the coronavirus section. @Posyrose (who is doing the climbing challenge with me) and I are making things interesting by virtually climbing landmarks around the UK and the world on our way, so it is not boring at all! Lots of interesting places and great pictures to discover along the way!
COVID-19 - My Coronavirus Mount Everest Climbing and Fundraising Challenge

Anybody who would like to sponsor me would have my and @furryfriends (TEAS) undying gratitude since her dental santuary piggies create rather eye watering monthly vet bills with most of the usual financing avenues for the sanctuary having dried up due to the pandemic. Every little helps!
Here is the link: The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary – Providing life-enhancing care for Guinea Pigs with extra needs

My husband is in an a higher risk group of developing the severe form of Covid-19. Until a working vaccine has been found, tested and is widely available (realistically not before well into the next year), we are unfortunately very restricted in what we can do since we do not only depend on our own distancing and hygiene measures but also on those we come into direct and indirect contact with.
Your moral and donations support during this very long and difficult time and during my daily challenge to run up my stairs around 3400 times before the end of the year (not counting the normal traffic) would mean a lot to me; even just a little will help guinea pigs that would otherwise no longer be alive and able to enjoy a happy piggy life as they do now.