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Heres my new pig harry

Age: 10 Weeks
Colour:White with a choc ring round the eye
Breed: Now theres a question look at the pics and see if you can work him out i cant!

Heres the pigtures again there from my phone so dont bet there be good lol
here he is notice his eye cute isnt it!





well there he is his eyes are pink but because of the ring you cant really see it any ideas on a breed ..........? x

Oh ps when do boars become teritoriall because he chatters but doesnt rumble its odd x
Hello Harry!
Welcome !
Love his 'black eye' what a poser too ! I'm not too hot on breeds sorry! There's far more qualified piggie people here that are bound to know more than i. Territorial - I have 2 brothers who were getting stroppy with each other long before they got territorial . It was a gradual 'thing' that became more frequent as they got older,then when they were about 12 weeks old they actually started fighting,sadly they are still living in their bachelor pads to this day !(typical bloke thing!)
Lol aww i know the eye was what i fell in love with i was guessin maybe a PEW but i dont no I'm not hot on breeds to i just say on hes a then i tell people his colour says a lot of confusion lol x
He is not a PEW - that stands for pink eyed white and from what I can see his eyes are dark?

I'd say he is just a short haired piggie - a cross breed of some type. My most beautiful pig is a crossbreed - just ask Ellie - she tried to steal him when she was here!
Lol i looked at his eyes and they appear pink in the light so i dont no lol yeah i though cross breed hehe x
no not i have seen i think he was scruffy from me picking him up hes very smooth haired x
yeh but only one ring around one eye in choc fur and white well pinky feet
aww, he is such a cutie! my guess is hes a short haired...boars do tend to get territorial...but it doesnt happen all the time.
He is lovely. I hope you'll both be very happy. Love the name too ;D
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