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have you seen this on ebay

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Jan 23, 2006
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item number 7761060808 its a hugh shelving of little cages and the bottles are so green ugh they are advertising them on the guinea pig search its absolutly disgusting he kept mice in them
Thats awful, the bottles look discusting. Should we send the seller an email?
It's not nice at all, but afraid he can sell them. Whether someone will buy them is a different question.
thats disgusting and he wants over £2000 for it. Yea right. What planet is he on. I dont understand how anyoens bottles go green. mine I have had for nearly 4 years and there isnt one bit of green in them.
So disgusting, but he can.

No idea too how the bottle went that green! I change my lot's every couple of years.
Its such a shame that some poor animals are gonna end up in those cages :(

People like that make me mad >:(
kellyandpiggies said:
Probably weren't cleaned out properly. So god knows what state the animals were in >:(

They probably all died from unhygienic conditions :(
Thats horrible, i wouldnt even bury a animal in those cages >:( the bottles are disgusting, Harrys bottle got a little algae in it so we gave him a new one! ewww GROSS! i hope nobody bids, with a price like that I'm hoping they wont x
pretty disgusting is'nt it, theres no need to let hygeine slip just becase he has so many, I had over 45 guinea pigs at one time and never ever would i allow any of my bottles get like that, I use a babys bottle and teat brush every day and put the lids in the dishwasher a hot wash distorts the bottles but steralising tablets as used for babys bottles work wonders , hope he does'nt sell them the bins the best place for those skanky bottles, ugh
I know! I havent ever steralised them because i never thought of that, we have a box of spares that we have collected over the years that we swap when we wash them, i have some steralising tablets so i may have to think about that.
He was just breeding the animals. It makes me shudder to think that any living creature could start life like that. Lets hope they went to better homes and lived out their lives in comfort
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