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Hi everybody,

GPs been in for a few days now and I'm sure my asthma is playing up more and my 1 year old has been suffering with her chest over the past few months so I want to try and eliminate any problems.

I've got wood shavings down at the moment, but am thinking of changing the bedding for something else, how about the hay does anybody think that could cause a problem, it's just basic hay from Pets at Home, can you buy some hay that is not as dusty as others? My sister has a horse and she says that they can give horses something called Hayledge (not sure if thats how you spell it) has anybody heard of it.


Its not recommended that piggies live on woodshavings (although some do very happily).

I only use hay and newspaper. I buy mine from a farm. Try to get hay that says its dust free. That's no guarantee but its an indication.

The hay that Bev is using at the moment is fab. It's meadow hay and smelt lovely and fresh and there was def no dust.


Stupid question but where do I get Meadow Hay from, Can't reallly believe you can get different types of hay! Didn't notice if P at H sold more than one type.


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Aug 9, 2006
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afaik you get meadow hay in every petshop? ?

at least, I havent seen one yet that DOESNT sell it, its like, the most basic of the basics?

Anyway, shavings that are dustfree and good for asthmatics - ever tried Allspan? You get it in big packs for horseowners:

Allspan wood shavings do not contain mushroom spores or other undesirable plant elements which may be ingested or breathed in by the horse.
Allspan is highly dust-free. And that is why Allspan is recommended by many vets, not only to prevent horse bronchitis.

  • Hygienic, healthy and recommended by vets
  • Highly dust-free
  • Free of spray and chemical additives
  • Extremely absorptive thanks to special drying process
  • Economical, consumption over a long term can be calculated
  • Can be stored for a longer period without problem, takes up little space
  • High, consistent quality subject to constant control
  • Proven over more than 25 years
http://www.allspan.de/ (click on "English")

Havent tried it myself yet, but I have friends in Germany who had problems with normal shavings as a bedding, and they say Allspan is WONDERFUL! :)


Thanks for that will go get some meadow hey, and see if that makes any difference, the problem is I'm not sure if it's the hay, the shavings or worst of all the piggies, have got a cat though and am usually all right unless he is right up against my face, will try the hay first and see what happens. :D
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