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Hello I am new here.

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Hi My name is Haley, I am 27 and I am a cavy-a-holic ;). I have curently 13 pigs that share my home with me, they are all rescues from people who got them and then didn't care for them anymore or from bad pet stores that had them in unsafe conditions (or in Hopes case pregnant with a bad iice infestation). Me and my herd, that consists of 3 boys and 8 girls and the two sweethearts I made my picture that have not been sexed yet they are only days old, live in Haverhill Ma. I am the chairperson for the ethics committee with the American Gerbil Society (AGS) and I breed and rescue gerbils and that is how the guinea pigs first found me, I guess it is good though that the people were considerate enough to see they were not caring for these animals correctly and cared enough to send them where they could be cared for better instead of dumping them somewhere or the like. Well that is me and my story, ach pig of course has a tale all thier own but it would take a long time to put them all here lol. This site looks wonderfull gald it found me ;)
Welcome to the forum Haley.

Love your avatar picture. You are just like me with the number of piggies you have. I have 18 with more on the way. :) I have 13 sows and 5 boars. I have always prefered sows but some of the boars I have got are absolutely sweet. What are all your piggies names? I need inspiration for the name of my pregnant guinea pig which we are temporarily calling her Crater Head lol.

Thanks for joining!

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Hello, a BIG warm welcome form me and my 4 piggies!
I am Kellie aged 24 and I have 2 sows Cherry and Pip and 2 rescue boars that I have had for 4 days called Stanley and George!
Kellie said:
Hello, a BIG warm welcome form me and my 4 piggies!
I am Kellie aged 24 and I have 2 sows Cherry and Pip and 2 rescue boars that I have had for 4 days called Stanley and George!

Aww they are lovely names Kellie. I didn't know what your new piggies were called. Were they called that at the resuce or did you re-name them?

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A big welcome to the forum from me

Hope to speak to you soon


Claire ;D
Well the new babies are as yet unammed:) but we have in the order they came into the house (some of them came with thier names as they were turned in by previous owners and I hate to change an animals name...it seems like it might be the only loving thing the other people did to them was name them sometimes!)
Fluff and Fudge, Truffle, Silk Pie, Ember, Hope, Chewy and Mr. Munch, Charlotte, Jack, Dolly and now Jack and Dolly's two unnamed babies.

Fluff and Fudge, an abby sow and an american shorthair sow who were left on a friends doorstep litterally cage and all after their friends little girls stopped caring for them and the father wanted to teach the girls a lesson, nice lesson when you don't want an animal abandon it in the cold!

Truffle, I named her she is a beautiful silkie she was in a lousy pet store that had her housed with a hyper bunny who was bouncing all over her, she had poop mated in her fur and her claws were let go so long they were actually curling into her little feet and she could barely walk.

Silk Pie, another american short hair sow, we got her from the same store to be a friend to Truffle as Fluff and Fudge were not amused by her prescence and I didn't want her to be all alone.

Ember who looks to be a teddy abby mix sow, she was abandoned at another pet shop and they let me adopt her for free to be with my other little sows.

Hope was in another bad pet store she was in a cage marked "male guinea pigs 9.99" and i saw a very large "male" waddling around, they had missexed the animals and didn't care they leave ther females in that store to just give birth out in the open with all the customers reaching in and harrassing them. I took her home to find out in addition to being pregnant she had a horrid case of lice and had to treat all my piggies as it spread throught the house.

Hope had 2 boars we named Chewy and Mr. Munch both shorthairs like their mom.

Charlotte was owned by a custome that comes into the bank I work at. She came in and asked me if I knew of a place for her to get rid of her pig as I wear a little badge that says my name and my hobbies there every day and most people who come in eventually end up asking me advivce on rodent care (yes I know cavies and rabbits are not rodents.) I gave her a magazine to see if that perhaps some of the articles could change her mind about the animals care and help her understand them better but she was adamant on giving her up so I took her, she is an american short hair also. I found out more recently if I did not take her that the woman was going to give her to someone she works with from peru who was looking forward to eating her. I stil feel sick thinking of her near miss with a dinner plate.

Jack and Dolly were owned by my friend, she originally wanted to breed them ( I didn't know she even had them or I would have stopped her sooner, she knew nothing about them) Jack is a silkie boar and Dolly an american short hair female. I was originally going to go help her by taking pictures of the animals to post on my web site to try and find homes for them as she didn't want them anymore but when I saw the condition they were in I took them home with me. Jack had all his hair pulled out by Dolly and they were in a small cramped cage together, they had been walking in poop so long Jack looked like he was wearing mittens. I could also count Jacks ribs by looking at him. I seperated them and fattened them up but Dolly still managed to have 2 babies as I guess they played the dating game before I got to them.

You can see the end result as my avatar. The little white one has a slightly deformed front paw and is smaller than the black and white boar. I think no matter what we will be keeping the little white female as I am concerned for her helath in the future and want to make sure if she needs vet attention regularly laer on she gets it.

Sorry this is so long lol. Hope you enjoyed their stories!

Hi and welcome to the forum ;D Its lovely to read about how you got your piggies and its wonderful that you have taken so many in and given them their loving forever homes. They are all very lucky, spoilt piggies ;D Please give them all a hug and a head scritch from me ;D
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