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I'm good going on holiday in 6 weeks yay cant wait with no kids either, taking them to legoland and theme parks instead
hi ellie

I'm very busy with the business, nearly finished the website which is www.naturalluxurys.com, still got some more info to put on that. its going ok getting feedback from customers and love the products such great quality and very affordable.
also going to start childminding, i've always wanted to do it so going to be doing that too,
just been really busy with my kids and housework
i like to be busy lol
keeps the pounds of lol i dont eat then.
i lost some weight actually, been training for the race for life which I'm doing on sunday, I'm a size 10-12 now woooooooo trying to get that bikini body lol just my belly wobbles abit still lol

Gald your ok.

Do you have any products that are good for excema?
thankyou, nice to get feedback its bloody hard and time consuming doing a website.

products for excema, all our products are good for that as they are handmade so it keeps all the goodness in the products. all the soaps are great as the glycerine is still there, glycerine is the moisturiser, keeps you smooth and silky lol
love the website, glad you do shower gels as we dont have a bath, and my favourite Lavender ummmm
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