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Hi i'm new

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Hi there

I'm Gemma :)
I'm 21
I live in Somerset, UK
I'm a Legal Secretary
I drive, I have a White Citreon Saxo
I live at home with my parents, sister Sarah and my fiance Stuart
I'm getting married on 26th May 2007 (really exciting!)

I have 4 guinea pigs which me and my fiance Stuart (ss4ya if he registers) own together.

Dave and Daphne (female) which are about 7 months old now
Bumble and Taz (male) which are 13 weeks old on 10th - Their mum was Dave (Dave was pregnant from a pet shop when we bought her)

piggy lovin vi recommended me to this site! and what a good one it is!

Take Care

Gem x
Hi there

welcome to the forum!
Kelly here, am 24 and I've got 12 piggies! ;)

Kelly and piggies xx
Welcome to the forum! How do you find being a legal secretary if you don't mind my asking?
Clare x
Hi and welcome to the forums ;D Your piggies sound so cute and I love the name Bumble ;D
thanks for the warm welcome!

i love being a legal secretary. I got this job in the summer of 2003 after just finishing my exams at college and i've been here ever since.

i deal a lot with divorces, children cases, housing, employment, change of name and other matters.

sometimes it can be hard but you just have to put your emotions aside and do the best you can for the client.

My sister came up with the name of Bumble when we peared into the hutch one morning and saw a little black and orangey ball of fluff in the corner and he looked just like a bumble bee when he was little and the name kinda stuck.

Here are some photos taken on Sunday 5th.

Bumble and Taz - Bumble the one with the white face and orange bum


Dave and Daphne (Daphne the one with the orange stripe)





They are so goregous Gem. They have such lovely colours. They remind me a bit of my guinea pig Mr Tiggy :) Will post a pic of him soon and you can let me know what you think!

You took these pics on Sunday 5th? Looks warm where you are. Think it was freezing here! I bet my guinea pigs would like that grass too! I can see them all drooling now lol
hehe it was quite cold but then the grass was dry so i thought i would treat them to a food fest.

the girls were fine they were a bit dubious about being out and free but they soon tucked into the grass and didnt want to be picked up

the little boys on the other hand were sissys and they kept running back to me every time i plonked them on the grass.

its like their second time of being on the grass hehe

Bumble is sooo cute tho cos when you pick him up he just goes weeeeeeeeeeeek weeeeeeeeeeek weeeeeeeeeeeeeeek every time and his little mouth opens and its soooo cute cos he's like "ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh i'm on the move"
Welcome to the Forums Gemma ;D

Your piggies are beautiful :-*
thank you :D

what breed are they.. i'd like to know exactly what they are
Dasha ( Black one ) is a long hair and seanna redish one) is crested, she has a little rosette on her head..

Not exactly sure if that's the correct standards names?




My beautiful Girls ;D
see none of my piggies have that longa hair... and daphne is the only one that seems to have a crested bit on her head.
hello welcome I'm another kelly and im23 i have 4 piggies and a rabbit
Hiya Gemma

Welcome to the forum.

I'm Claire and I'm 19 and i live in Lincoln with my boyfriend Matt and our three gorgeous boys Bokki, Benidorm and Munchkin

Hope to speak to you soon.


Thank you Gem! ;D Did you do the Ilex course? That is the one I took? I have yet to find a job doing legal secretarial work, in fact any secretarial work :-\
Clare x
yeah i've done the first year of Ilex the Contract Law, Employment Law, Family Law side of it.. i think its year 2.. Level 3. I passed the practical side of it and failed the law.. that makes sence.. so i can fill out all the forms i know what to do and everything but i just dont know the law for it.. hehe logic?

if you try www.reed.co.uk

they have a good selection of jobs

or in google type legal secretarial work

there is a huge list of people looking for them
Thanks for the link! ;D I don't think it was structured quite the same when I did it (last year!) as where I did the course they couldn't get the proper funding so had to have some other secretarial course added into it. I was talking to a student who is doing the course this year (whilst in a shop!) and she said it has been vastly improved! How annoying! So, not sure even what qualification I even have!

Eek, I'm rambling!
yeah that was like with our college we didnt have enough interest for this year so our tutor is teaching privately.

i was doing it part time after work on a thursday evening.. so you imagine working 9-5 mon to friday and then doing it after work on a thursday!

like 3 a levels worth of stuff in 90 hours!


not suprised that i didnt pass law. plus i cant do revision i like skimmed over my notes an hour before the exam. Never have been able to do revision. didnt do any for my GCSE's either or college course.
I did AS Law last year and for a C - Its a great subject. Carried on to do Alevels but decided not to carry on as the teacher at the new college was not that good!
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