Hiya I'm New

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Well i thought i better introduce myself.

I'm Stuart, 23
live in somerset with my fiance Gemma. Purplegem1985 from here

we have 4 piggies which i know that gemma wants to increase to 6 but unfortunately we dont have the space living at her parents house, but when we get our own place it will be a piggie palace. :D

I work in Structural investigations, which basically means i look at bridges and find out what state they are in, we do most work down in devon and cornwall, but i may have to go over to the maldives for 2 weeks working on the airport.

anyways, i look forward to an enjoyable time here.



I'm kelly
as you probably can tell we are obsessed with piggies lol
heya baby


so glad you joined up

its great here such a friendly bunch of guys and gals
heya, yeah i gathered ure mad about piggies, but taht is cool, my piggies are my pride and joy.

they are all soo cute.
Hi Stuart, its great you could join us ;D My father-in-law lives in Devon and its a beautiful part of the country ;D You must get to see some very picturesque places on your travels with work :)
yeah i do get to see some amazing places, its just a shame that i am usually too busy to take the landscape in. either that or its night works.
Hi there

:) Welome to the forum :)

Another Kelly here, am 24 and live in Warwick with my husband Mike.. we have 12 piggies

Kelly and piggies xx
lol, well yeah of course your my pride and joy, but i love my piggies too as well you know. :D
Welcome to the forum Stu ;D (and Gemma!)

Bev x x
Welcome to the forum!

Glad to see everyone has made you nice and welcome! Well Done guys!
yeah I'm feeling all cosy now :D hehe

hope that i can help out with stuff,

if anyone needs any Audio visual help or technical help on computers then I'm ure man. :D

just offering my services :D
Hi Stupot and Gemma

Great to meet both of you through the Forum. I haven't any resident piggies, but I share Lucinda's when I go to see her, or she brings them down to Cornwall for a holiday.
You've got an interesting job, and in a great part of the world.
Looking forward to hearing more about your piggies.
hehe, thanks,

we might take some more piccies of our piggies tonight and post them on here, :D tee hee, we love our piggies. :D
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