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Hopes, Dreams and ambitions for 2006

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What are your wishes and dreams or ambitions for this year?
Mine are
1 - Get out of my current job and work with animals
2 - to complete part one of the rodentology course
3 - to become a good volunteer at the animal trust
4 - I WISH to have a fab piggie she with lighting, heating, the works!
5 - I WISH to have more piggies!
mine are
* be a millionaire before i'm 40 (only 7 years to go)
* have a another 2 kids
* open up a rescue for old cats
* have more piggies.
* live by the sea
* recycle more (which is going well)
They are lovely, you can have my kids if you want, only joking! I used to live by the sea, wish i still did!
1 - to lose some weight
2 - to have a long-awaited baby
3 - to be less stressed
4 - to have more piggies ;)
5 - to keep hoping, dreaming and continuing to have ambitions! lol :D

Kelly and piggies x
hmmm I don't like doing these I know some of them will never happen.
1.Lose Weight(5 stone)
2.Get a job (that I like)
3.Have a successful veg garden
4.Be healthy
5.Be happy
mine would be

1. lose 5 stone (I want to wear a mini skirt for my 21st next year) ;D
2. do my dog grooming course
3. start my own pet grooming buisiness by Aug
4 save my money
5. get some dress sence
6. get a boyfriend :-*
mine are
1, make my business successful
2, dont give up on my interior design course
3, tone up
4, have more piggies and rabbits
5, buy my house i live in
Mine are

1. Tone up
2. Go on Holiday
3. Get engaged (hint hint matt) ;D
4. get more piggies.
5. get my singing career off the ground


1. Lose last stone or a bit more.....

2. Re join gym (have been saying that for 6 months)

3. More home cooking needed!

4. Learn how to make cakes without egg

5. Carry on being vegan - eating less vegan puds!

6. Spend even more time with the piggies

7. Return to Venice

That will do for now!

Alison :)
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