How did your piggies get their names?

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Jan 23, 2006
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How did you name your piggies?

I'll start from the most recent ones;

I had a weird dream one night and I called piggies Jinny-Pigs, so that was it! Two days later I got Jin (Jinny/Jin-Jin).
The next piggy was Tonic.. perfect with Jin!

Then followed Icey.. to go with the drink!

Tipsy followed, well because of the drink! Then Peanuts..!

Our saying was ' You go out for a JIN and TONIC with ICEY in it, have a few drinks (piggies) which would make you TIPSY.. Then while you're out drinking, you have some PEANUTS!'

All the others now get their names by some other reason.. there's always something behind the name! LOL!

Kelly and piggies xx
Piggie is called that because, well, he's a piggie! and Chester is called that because my youngest supports Manchester United and wanted to call him that, but I said that was a mouthful so it was shortened to Chester.
My fav TV programme is Holby City and one tuesday night after watching the programme i dreamt (and i no its bizarre) that me and Zubin rode horseback into the sunset in search of toliet paper! And the next day i got Zubin so thats how he got his name and I'm calling his Future GF Jess!
My first piggy was originally called Charlie (short for Charlotte) but then one day the little girl nextdoor poked her head over the fence and asked if she could come round and see the 'Ninnypig'. I thought it was so cute so the name stuck and she was called Ninny from then on ;D
Freddie is after Freddie Ljungberg, Arsenal Player but because she is a female shes is Frederica

Jacques is named after Jacques Villeneuve Formula 1 World Champion Driver and again cos she is female shes Jacquelyn.
right here goes LOL...

Cherry - Ella likes her red eyes and said they looked like cherries
Pip - Cherry and Pip just went together
Stanley - we call him stan the man, hes just so cool
George - he looks like a George haha
Whisper - already named when we got her
Dinky - runt of the litter and tiny
Amber - because of her colour
Dougle - already named
Bokki is named as my boyfriend Matt's business is called springbok computers and it gets shotened to bokki computers lol

Benidorm is named as benidorm in spain is my favorite place but it gets shortened to Beni

Munchkin was named by his previous owner but we really loved the name and it suits him so we decided to keep it



I tend to go with a theme like Harry Potter ie dobby floo pheonix lupin griffen etc or chocolates galaxy and cadbury and twix or flowers for girls obvioulsy lily rosie lavender lilac violet etc, old fashioned names like albert (albie) Arthur (artie) henry george Clara etc
Riff Raff (Riffy) is after Richard O'Brien's character in Rocky Horror - any other fans out there?
Dr Atkins (Dr) is named after my hero, the late Dr Robert Atkins, who devised the only diet that works brilliantly - at the moment Dr is taking dieting too far however!
Scarbo (Scarby) is the alias of a friend of mine and is, I have heard, a vampire dwarf in a french poem. Quite apt as Scarby is little and bites a lot!
My two - George and Mildred - are named after a 70's/80's sitcom. Showing my age now haha
What clever ideas here! Most of my piggies I just named because it suited them..I know.. I'm boring, hehe! :D
Charlie because he looked so cheeky and charming...just like a Charlie should.
Parsley because he loves Parsley adnd he looks like Parsley the Lion out of "The Herbs".

My grandma came up with the name Tuppence. This could either be from Tuppence - a character from Agatha Christie novels - or from Tuppeny, a character in a Beatrix Potter story about Tuppeny the guinea pig.
Poppy because she popcorned a lot in her youth.

Lottie's name was pondered on for a while. Lottie came about because her rescue name was Lolly. I didn't want to change it too much but she really, really didn't look like a Lolly! So she became Lottie.
Primrose because the theme for all my pigs and future pigs second-names was P, and it had to be a flower or a herb to fit in with Charlie and Tuppy. So she became Lottie-Primrose.

Jazzie's original choice of name was Florida, but for her name to match the other three it had to be shortened to Florrie, at times...which didn't suit her. So the backup name was Jasmine because it fits in with the flower/herb theme. Her rescue name was Pistachio but it didn't quite fit her.
Peaches because the remianing P names for herbs and flowers didn't fit with Jasmine. I heard Peaches and loved it. ;D
All but one of my piggys came with their names LOL! As they were all rescues... I decided to keep their names so they knew who they were! Have names 2 piggys, my little Baby Elmo who sadly died who i named because he was red and cute like Elmo from seasame street and Rainbow who I names because we got him after loosing little Elmo... and after the rain the sunshines again and thats when Rainbow appears!
Kurama, Kiba, InuYasha, and Kagome are named after anime characters.

I, Bastian Noel, got my name from "The Neverending Story" because Mommy Kat thought it sounded kool and Noel was added because I joined the RGP Piggy Pack just before Christmas.

Procyan is named after one of the two dog stars (the other being Sirius, which Mommy Kat may use in the future). He was named in honour of his father, InuYasha, whose name loosely translated means "dog demon".

Katura was the name of a girl who worked at the local McDonald's and Mommy Kat loved the way it sounded.

Kyomi was named for one of Mommy Kat's favorite stories as a young child. The book was called "Kiyomi" and it was about a beautiful and very vain deer and a beautiful and very vain lizard meeting each other. Kiyomi was the deer.

Keoki was named for her Great Aunt Keo who was also a pink eyed white.

Little Soli was named after her grandfather, Solomon, who died just before she was born.

Jordan Mommy Kat and her nephew named together because she was the third pup from the first litter (he named Sellabell and Mommy Kat named Keo then they agreed on Jordan at his suggestion). She was intended to be sort of a nomadic pig she was going to spend a week with Mommy Kat and a week with him, but that never happened. She ended up staying in our room the whole time.

Mordecai's name was pulled from the Bible. He was named for his mother, Little Soli, who was named for her grandfather, Solomon.

Frosty was Mommy Kat's nephew's first pig. She went through a list of nonsense word names and her young owner went through several threats on the way home with her before he decided on the first real name of Frosty. She was gotten just before Christmas and was named after Rankin/Bass's Frosty the Snowman. Mommy Kat's nephew had been watching those claymations constantly for the last few weeks.

Sellabell was Mommy Kat's nephew's second pig. His name is one of her nephew's famous nonsense words, but one that didn't just involve various mouth sounds.

Kimono is Mommy Kat's nephew's 3rd pig and he named her after a My Little Pony that Mommy Kat has a sticker of on our computer monitor.

-Bastian Noel
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