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How Intelligent Are Guinea Pigs?

Discussion in 'Behaviour and Bonding' started by flm1977, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering how intelligent are guinea pigs?

    Have discovered already that JohnAnderson can open my livingroom door if it isn't shut properly by opushing it with his fornt paws.
    But just now he has just escaped from his indoor pen, caught him, put him back in again and watching him and he's taking hold of the bars with his teeth, pushing them as far into a corner as he can and then pulling them upwards to try and get them open! Cheeky monkey! So not like it was an accident he got out.
  2. ;D Definatly more clever than we give them credit.
    The fact that they recognise the sound of the fridge, or packets of rocket rustling from the other end of the garden is start..

    I find the indoor piggies are more intellegent but maybe that is because they get more human interaction and learn new things faster?

    ::) I dont know but my lot arent stupid by any means of the imagination
  3. :D mine are in door pigs but they still piggy que at the same water bottle when theres 2 other bottles going free ! lol
  4. mine are clever! however my previous boys were'nt exactly whizzes! ;D bless them :smitten: :smitten: :smitten:
  5. Brandy's a bit of a dope to be honest, though she's ever so placid and my sister loves cuddling her as she just sits still!

    Sevi seems quite bright. She sometimes squeaks to her name (probs recognises my voice) and she runs and sits next to the food bowl when she wants to be got out. She also puts her paw over my hand when she doesn't like something as if to say 'STOP'.

    Nutmeg seems the most intelligent. She uses her paws like hands to hold food, and can move large objects around by using her paws which the other two don't they just drag things. She also somehow managed to escape and ended up in the raspberry bushes, now we have to Nutmeg-proof the run.

    All of them recognise the noise of the door being opened and wheek/beg for food.

    I like to think that they're all intelligent...but then again I'm biased :smitten: :smitten: :smitten: :smitten: :smitten:
  6. i have two boy piggies, i think they much be a bit intelligent. they do recognise the sound of their food bags but sometimes they do some things that makes me think they are kinda silly! i love them no matter how silly they are! :smitten:
  7. I agree, indoor piggies catch on really quick, considering their brains must be quite small they remember lots of things! In fact I've found that piggies catch on to things quicker than some puppies! When I opened Bully's door for the first time ever and let him out through it, when he had enough of running around he jumped straight back in!
  8. I have always read that any animal that knows how to play is intelligent.... O0
  9. MemberY

    MemberY New Member

    Mar 12, 2007
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    I think they are intelligent too...Lennie worked out how to get out of his c & c cage. I watched him work at the bottom corner near the connector with his teeth until it came out and then he pushed on the grid until it gave way. It took him about 20 minutes and he kept at it! When I lift their food bowls out of their cages, they all start wheeking. This is before I even get to the kitchen and if Lennie wants to get past me, he shoves me with his head ;D
  10. sarahp

    sarahp Junior Guinea Pig

    Aug 18, 2006
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    i have two indoor pens which i join together to make one big one. i use it to block off a part of the living room that i don't want my boys to go in. Colin is very good at finding the join and splitting them up...

    Even better.... can it be that they can sense different colours?? he seems to know that the join is inbetween a red panel and a green panel because i've seen him go to all the red/green panels and push each one but leave the others!? :D

    Also, I let him jump out of his cage himself when he wants a wander round the living room. but he always without fail jumps out from one particular corner of the cage. he occasionally tries to jump out from the middle or the other corner but doesn't manage and always goes back to his favourite corner...

    Do we have any guinea pig psychologists on this forum?
  11. I think they are a lot cleverer than I thought they would be! They both recognise my voice and start talking to me when they hear it and Nibbler runs to his food bowl as soon as he hears the bag rustling :)
  12. Mine is very intelligent - when i m picking grass and dandelions from the garden he wheeks ! even when i open my knives and fork drawer - when we chop vegetables, when i open the fridge - they love their food - the little critters :smitten: ;D
  13. Glynis

    Forum Buddy

    Oct 13, 2006
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    Croydon, Victoria, Australia
    When i do a mini clean in Duke's house he knows to move so i can remove the soiled towels etc... then as soon as i put down the big one he comes out to see if the little towels been put down if not he turns around and hides again, then waits till i've got it ready and out he comes and goes brrrrrr and stretches and goes on to the nice clean towels :smitten: :smitten: :smitten: :smitten:
    He also loves to eat spinach leaves, so we peg them with a wooden peg (no sharp edges) to a cushion and he nibbles it from there, when he gets to the base he will wait and LOOK at you as if to say 'well i need more now please' :smitten:
    When he gets fed his CC i have him on a towel and then put paper towel under his front paws to catch any dribbles, he immediately goes left foot then right foot as soon as i put the paper towel near his paws :smitten:

    So yes i believe they're very intelligent :smitten: :smitten:
  14. awww Glynis that is soooo cute :)
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