How many Kellys do we have?

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I'm a Kelly! ;D
I like my name, its simple and sounds nice i think!
I'm new to this forum too, just like to say hello!
lol I think we have four now. It is a lovely name and from viewing this forum, very popular too! :)

We have 2 Clarie/Clares too! :)
what year were all the Kellyes born in as when I was at school I had another 2 in my class as a popular singler was around the year I was born
I'm 1982 just a little bit younger I'm kelly anne, i was born on the same day as prince william, i was in the newspaper lol also this is really weird my daughter who is 20 months old was due on the same day i was due 9th june freeky so if she was late i would have induced on my birthday glad she come early lol
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