How Much?

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I think my vet is off her head.Yesterday I took my Charlie (staffy) in to see her because she has been scratching her ear alot.
The vet looked inside and said she has a grass seed stuck inside and will need to have it removed,She said its not a problem we can sedate her and just take it out,I said OK how much will that cost me....Wait for it £160 I said how much,Shes dont need a general, just sedation it will take 10 minuets.I cant believe it would cost that much I cant afford that.She did give me an alternative,we are using ear cleaner to see if that will shift it,But I'm still in shock £160 I hope it will come out on its own
£160 not on your nelly love...... :o


That sounds alot.

those grass seeds are a real pain, but they do cause alot of problems if not removed.
hopefully the ear stuff may help shift it.

but I wouldn't leave it too long if it doesn't shift

good luck and I have my fingers crossed for you



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Aug 10, 2006
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It is a lot but unfortunately not an uncommon ridiculous amount. A friend of mine who's dog had an ear infection was charged £210 for it cleaning out with sedation, that was on top of the cost of drops she had to give her & her ear only stayed clean for about 5 days before it was back in the same state again, needless to say she didn't have it done again. I'd like to know how they justify their prices


It is a lot of money but unfortunately the vet has you and (as I was told but the Royal Veterinary College they aren't regulated and so can charge what they please) I have complained before when the price of my dogs pills kept changing each month!

But on the other hand those grass seeds can be nasty and cause severe infections - they can travel round, my Pookey had one in his eye a couple of years ago - ugh! I couldn't look at his eye at first (but obvioulsy had to to bathe etc) and if you leave it, it could end up costing even more. :(


Its so annoying that they can get away with charging you what they want.I know I will end up having no choice but to pay for it.
I have to take Charlie back next week I just hope its worked its way out by itself....I could never be that lucky.
I might stick the hoover down her ear canal and see if that sucks it out...... ;D


I got up this morning to find Sylvie with a swollen eye - even though she's a Guinea Pig I thought oh god shes got Myxi :~D

I extracted a hay/grass seed 1cm long, put a drop of dilute Optrex and now the swelling is going down. ;)


Those grass seeds are evil. One of my mums dogs actually had one growing out of her :o


That does seem a bit much. My German Shepherd, Cleo had a large swelling in her ear earlier this year. The vet tried to lance and drain it twice, but it kept swelling up again. In the end she had to have a general anaesthetic for them to get right into the ear. I think we paid just over £200. That was for all the treatment, operation, drugs, dressings and consultations.
We were only able to claim half back on insurance, as Cleo is nearly 13 and the excess is so high now.
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