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How To Pick Up And Weigh Your Guinea Pig Safely

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Nov 10, 2009
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1 Picking up your guinea pigs without chasing or touching

Alternatively, you can use a small walk-in cardboard box for pick-up and transport. Please make sure that you cover the opening with your hand! If necessary, please cut finger holes into the cardboard box and face the opening against your body.
We strongly recommend to not allow younger children to carry guinea pigs around because that is the largest source of accidents or even deaths resulting from falls, blind jumps or dropping.


If for some reason you place a guinea pig back in its cage by hand hands, please always do so with both hands. One hand should always support the heavy back end in order to not restrict breathing.
Place it back with its bum end facing the cage/hutch. If it wiggles free and blind jumps, it will hit your softer body to break the fall and not badly damage teeth or jaw on hard hutch or cages edges or the ground.

2 Weighing video and advice

You can also use this method to weigh a wiggly or nervous guinea pig without handling it!
Just weigh the tunnel or cardboard box separately afterwards or tare to zero to get the difference.

For more information on weight monitoring and working out whether your guinea pig is a good weight for its size as well as recommendations for under- and overeight management, please see this guide here: Weight - Monitoring and Management


Here is a video on how you weigh a guinea pig:
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