I got a doggie!

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She is a 3 year old Shietzu, grey and white. She is very fiesty and hyper!
Her previous owner couldnt care for her anymore, so she gave her to us. I have always wanted a dog, but my parents have always said no. It sucks cos I still live with them but I'm older now and my sister and I are gonna take care of her. I hope we do well. The only thing right now is that Goldie is scared of her and Babie (thats the dog's name), wants to jump on the table to get to her! Any ideas on how to tame them both?


I'd say keep introductions short and sweet and regular and behind bars!
My whippet got bored eventually (and he's bred to kill erratic small furry things!) wouldn't trust him alone with them though. The Staffie I would...her and my old boar used to sleep together...but that's an individual dog and you really need to know them inside out to allow that.
Congratulations on getting a dog anyway...have fun!
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