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I hope your feeling better Ellie

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Jan 24, 2006
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I was shocked to see the forum not up yesterday. So I hope your feeling better. HUGGLES to you
Thank you very much everyone. I feel much much better than yesterday.

Michele text me about 11am yesterday saying the forum was not working and I realised it must have been because I didn't pay the fine in time for using more than the monthly transfer limit. I was way too ill to even move as I had been sick all night and still felt really bad. About 8pm last night I finally managed to move to the computer to pay the fine and they have put the forum back online this morning.
Oh dear - we're posting too much! ;)

thanx for putting it back on and really hope you get better quickly
I only got the standard hosting package as when we used other forum hosts it didn't ever make us go over the monthly transfer limit. I will be upgrading it to the largest upgrade I can. :) I am glad people are posting a lot :)
glad you are on the mend.

I think there are a few on here who are porrly at the moment. including myself
oh ok Ellie.. the biggest then! ;D ;D

Aww poorly Mrs Mod,, everyone coming down with summat! It's the weather!
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