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I know what is wrong with Dr!

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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
Tonight I noticed an awful smell on Dr's left side. Then I found his ear was full of green pus and that's where the smell comes from. He winces if I go anywhere near it. It must hurt so much. So I called the oncall vet who said it would be Ok to wait and take him to Roger's clinic in the morning for antibiotics. I can't stop crying - I am so angry I didn't spot it before, but there was no smell, so frightened it may be too late, i don't know. i just want morning to come so we can go first thing.
Thanks for all your support and ideas about Dr x
I tend to find after a while the horrible smell you notice becomes a warning sign of pus some where on a pig, yesterday in the vets I could smell the pus smell on a dog and asked what was wrong with him the owner said she has got an abcess I just knew the smell , what a life skill to have huh!
Well the vet cleaned the ear but said it wasn't enough to cause all Dr's problems, so Dr is staying in overnight for observation. I am really relieved. The vet is going to have another good look at his teeth. I will phone this evening to see what is going on. poor darling Dr.
at least he is relieved of one problem. glad you have a good vet. let us know what happens. he's in the best place. Michele
looks like it vets week for us lot lol,
I do hope Dr is alright and the vets are at least taking you serioulsy thank goodness, thinking of him and you ;)
Poor Dr is really in the wars isn't he.

Fingers crossed he starts to feel better soon.
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